Commercial Business

Commercial Business Opportunities

We realize that many small companies have viable business opportunities that may benefit from a facility like ours.  If you are operating or want to expand your capabilities, please fill out the application below.  We want to work with you if you are seriously in the business of training, educating or conducting classes . We offer several different types of programs that should benefit you of which we can discuss once an application is submitted.

Before you complete the application please know that we will require your insurance policy to name Deep 50 Gun Range, LLC as additional insured.

By completing the application, it in no way represents that you will be able to operate your business at our facility.  It is simply the first step in the process .

Please be an NRA Instructor at minimum.

Private members are forbidden to operate any business of any kind at any time and will be permanently expelled from the facility forever.

If you feel that a personal membership more fits your needs then GO HERE

1.) You will need Insurance naming “Deep 50 Gun Range, LLC ” as an additional insured on your liability policy

2.) We do not allow training where using a vehicle is part of your training

3.) Class sizes should be limited to 6 people per instructor

4.) Training with NFA Class 3 Items is prohibited

5.) A cold range must be obeyed and no loaded firearms pointed up range at any time.