Guest Of Members

Guests of members and the process of how to bring a friend or family member.

Liability Waiver Form

Guests of members

1.) How Many People and times can i bring a guest?

You are allowed to bring one guest per visit and not to exceed 2 visits in a 30 day window and not to exceed 6 visits per 12 month period. Guests will not be allowed on days where a competition is scheduled. If you are bringing a spectator, they ARE REQUIRED to sign a waiver along with their photo id. Basically, anyone that goes to the range, signs a waiver.

2.) What Is Required To Bring a Guest

 Each visit, your guest will have to complete the liability waiver and a copy of their government issued photo ID for each visit prior to entrance at the Range

3.) Steps To Request A Guest Pass

A.) Down Load the Liability Waiver and have your guest complete and return to you

B.) Get a photo copy of their government issued ID

c.) You as the member then submit that Via Email at least 24 hours in advance. Email [email protected]

Tell us the date you want to bring your guests

D.) You will receive approval usually within hours once all the information is submitted. We need this to add to our insurance policy

E) NO GUEST is allowed to use an NFA Class 3 Firearm while being a guest at Deep 50 Gun Range,LLC.

Remember, you are responsible for your guest and compliance within the rules.  Our insurance company requires this information in order to remain in effect and we don’t want someone taking advantage of another members benefits. Guests of Members are expected to follow the same rules .