Sanctioned Approved Competition at Deep 50 Gun Range

We are sanctioned and approved to host all of these matches at our range. With each shooting discipline, the stages are set to each event and we follow the rulebook that is most current.  For more information on the specific rules, please follow the links.



1.) USPSA Rules 

2.) Steel Challenge Rules

3.) IDPA Rules

Each one of these shooting disciplines has it's own unique characteristic. If you are new to Competition Shooting, then we always recommend starting out with The Steel Challenge shooting competition.  You will stand in a box and engage 5 steel targets in what's called a "String". The time will stop on the last shot fired. You will do this 5 times per Stage, and your worst time will be eliminated.  There are a total of 6 stages at this match and it is a fun and addicting sport.

If you like to move around a little more, then we suggest moving on to IDPA.  There you will have what's called a "Field Course" and the stage instructions will tell you how to shoot the stage.  Accuracy matters.

When you are ready for some fast action at will shooting, then you should move on to USPSA.  You will be given instructions on how to start the stage HOWEVER, it is up to you to decide the best way to engage the targets for you or your equipment.  You are scored on your speed and accuracy .  This sport is a great blend of your imagination and your proficiency .  Your skills will greatly improve by at least 10 times versus a trainer or just practicing.


Steel Challenge


United States Practical Shooting Association

Steel Challenge Shooting Association

International Defensive Pistol Association