Our facilities  have 7, 20 yard wide by 25 Yard Deep General Purpose bays. You can use Pistol's and Rifles in these bays.

Steel targets are available but only for use with Pistols or PCC type firearms.  We have target stands, wall sections and other props you can use to help you become a more proficient expert.

Our rifle bay has a maximum of 200 yards along with a 100 yard berm and a 50 yard berm for shooting .22 LR type of long guns.  Pistols are not allowed in the Rifle Bay.


200 Yard Rifle Bay with Vaughn Concrete Benches

7,  25 Yard General Purpose Bays for Pistols and Rifles

Bays 1

Bays 2

Bays 3

Bays 5

Bays from East

Bays halfway through

Bays From the West

Bays Looking Down

Morning Rise Bays

All of our Rifle Benches are the heavy Concrete shooting platform.   They are the top of the line when looking to be as accurate as possible.

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