1.) How do I become a member?

It’s very simple. If you are legally allowed to own a firearm and want an environment on which to practice or participate in competitions, simply go to the How to be a Member section and complete the form.

2.) I have never tried shooting a gun, Can I become a member?

Deep 50 Gun Range is committed to teaching and practicing the safest measures applicable for all of our members and participants. If you have never fired a gun before and want to learn, That’s great! Let us teach you how and then become a member!

3.) I am only here for 3 months out of the year. Is there a discount on membership?

Unfortunately our expenses don’t expire after 3 months so discounting for that period is difficult.

4.) I see you have competitions, Do I need to be a member to join in on a match?

The simple answer is “NO’.  Our competitions are open to qualified individuals who wish to simply join in with the rest of the people. If you are new to competition, That’s great! Just check in with the Match director or Contact Us first. Everyone at a match is very friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand and answer as many questions as you may have.

5.) Is Deep 50 Open To The Public?

This range is a private member only facility. You need to submit an application before you can use the range.

6. ) Can I use My Class 3 Firearm or Item At Your Range?

The short answer is YES! you can. You will need to either email us a copy of your Tax Stamp or arrange a time for it to be viewed by a Range Official . Our insurance does not cover illegal firearms which is why we need to verify the legal status of your item.

7.) Am I allowed To Bring a Guest?

You can bring a guest . All the information on the process and how to do that is LOCATED HERE

8.) Are There Steel Targets To Shoot At?

Yes! For an extra annual fee of $65, you will be given a key to access the competition steel targets on each bay. They are MGM AR500 1/2″ targets and can handle any pistol caliber. These steel targets are located in each general purpose bay. In our Rifle Bay, we have Steel targets that are permanent at the 200 yard mark. We Use Grizzly Target Stands for this steel.

9.) Am I Allowed To Bring My Own Steel Targets?

You can use your own steel targets however, in the general purpose bays, you can only use pistol caliber ammunition on them. In the rifle bay, you can place them at the 100 yard Berm only and not engage a steel target with a rifle within 75 yards. It is unsafe to engage a steel target with rifle caliber ammunition within 75 yards which is why we prohibit it. Splatter becomes too wide spread at that distance and you will damage either our steel or yours.

10.) What do I need to bring for myself when i come to the range?

You will need to bring your own targets, stapler and pasters if you wish to restore your targets.

11.) Can I Pull Up To The Bays?

Yes, by all means, pull up to the bay that you intend to use.

FAQ – We are a Sanctioned Range with USPSA   SCSA  and IDPA FAQ