Rules And Common Sense

This is a map of the Range where you are allowed to travel freely.   Green area's are where you can go and the RED area's are where you are to stay away from at all times.

Boundaries Area


Member Rules

As a member of "Deep 50 Gun Range” you agree to these basic rules. We know we all dislike rules, but these are primarily for safety purposes and respect for others.

NFA "Class 3 " Firearms And Suppressors

Under no circumstance are you to bring an illegal firearm onto the property. With respect to NFA/Class 3 items such as suppressors, if you have obtained them legally, you have a Tax Stamp for them. Deep 50 Gun Range, LLC needs to verify that you possess the device legally, as a condition of our insurance coverage. This is not intended to violate your privacy - it is to ensure that we are properly insured and can maintain our operating permit. This process is not an unusual practice at legitimate range facilities as it is considered best practice for range operations. This process has the added bonus that, if ATF knows we are running an organization with appropriate checks and balances, they are less likely to feel the need to do inspections and/or harass our members.

Without having validated legal ownership, Deep 50 Gun Range, LLC has no option than to prohibit NFA/Class 3 items to be used or even on the property. To that end, you are required to forward a copy of your tax stamp to [email protected] for each and every NFA/Class 3 device you bring to the range. If you are uncomfortable sending us such a document (we redact them on our side and store them securely) then we can make arrangements for an in-person inspection. Whether here or at any other range, we suggest that you always keep a copy of your tax stamp with you as this will minimize the risk of a problem should ATF conduct inspection or enforcement activities. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the range and we hope you can appreciate the need to make sure we are protecting ourselves and our members, and to ensure that our ability to continue operating will not be in jeopardy.

Your use of the facility constitutes agreement with these rules, which you also signed and agreed to during the membership process.

1.) The facility is a "Cold Range"

What this means is that unless you are in a designated shooting bay, your gun must be unloaded at all times (no magazine inserted)  with the hammer down or chamber clearly flagged from a distance.

2.) Types of firearms allowed in the General Purpose Bays.

1.) All pistols with pistol caliber ammunition ( you can shoot at Steel plates )

2.) Pistol Caliber Carbine  (PCC) rifles ( you can shoot at Steel plates )

3.)  Rifle Caliber Ammunition .223 and .308  shooting at paper targets only.

4.) Shotguns using bird shot only.  (No Buck shot or slugs allowed) You can shoot at the 18 by 24 steel plates only - No Smaller Steel Targets


3.) Types of firearms allowed in the Rifle Bay

1.) 22 LR rifles may use the 50 and 100 yard berm only. You can bring your own steel to shoot at if you want there. Please make sure that the steel is in line with the berm in case you miss.

2.) PCC at the 50 & 100 yard berm only

3.) All other rifles can use any berm up to the 200 yard berm.  You are allowed to shoot steel at 200 yards and we provide that.

4.) No Pistols or Shotguns at all.

5.) If you have a new scope you mounted and want to sight it in, please go to the General Purpose Bay and sight in at 25 yards first before proceeding to the rifle bay.   This will give you a 100 yard hit and you can fine tune from there.


4.) Appropriate Targets

You may engage any paper, cardboard or steel target with the appropriate firearm In the appropriate shooting bay. ( See above for definitions)

These are the only targets allowable to engage. In other words , No glass, tin can, watermelons, milk jugs or any other target is allowed.

5.) Target Placement and Shooting locations

1.) When setting up your targets , make sure that when the target is penetrated or missed, that the bullet impacts berms. Bullets that hit the ground will "Skip" out of the range and this is strictly prohibited .

2.) In the General purpose bays, you may unload all of your equipment under the shelters.   You can load magazines work on equipment etc.. When it comes time load your firearm, please move forward into the shooting bay so you are not visible to any other shooting bay or person. Please remember to keep your muzzle pointed down range at all time. If you are returning to the shelter with your firearm, unload the firearm with magazine ejected and then you can safely turn up range and return to the shelter. If you holster your pistol, make sure your safety is on and locked in your holster before facing up range.

3.) In the rifle bay, you obviously can shoot under the building structure on the mounted benches provided.  You may shoot prone on the concrete slab and not ahead of anyone else who may be there.  If you are there alone and want to advance to the grass area to shoot prone, you may do that until someone else arrives. Then you need to return to the correct shooting position.

6.) Operating A Business

By no means and under no condition are you to operate any business whatsoever on the facility property at any time.  Violators will be expelled from the property permanently without refund.


7.) Shooting or Occupying In Unauthorized Locations

At orientation, you were given a map indicating the shooting bays of which you are allowed to shoot.  There is NO OTHER AREA on the range of which you can fire your pistol, rifle or shotgun. On the map are "Red Zones" Your are strictly prohibited from entering those area's. Violators will be expelled from the property permanently without refund.


8.) Shooting At Or, Harvesting Of Wildlife

Our range is located in a beautiful part of Florida. There are many protected species .  There is NO SHOOTING AT ANY kind of wildlife on the property unless you are in imminent danger. Keep in mind, you must fear for the safety of your life or GREAT bodily harm. We will have cameras everywhere.


Really, besides it being illegal in the state of Florida, enough said about that.


Just use very common sense here. We are fortunate enough to have a shooting facility where we can shoot guns.  Let's not spoil it for everyone.  If you see someone who is being unsafe or threatening by any means, please contact us immediately.  We do have camera's covering every inch of the property and they do record.  We want this to be a fun and SAFE experience for all who attend.

11.) Appropriate Apparel 

Please be respectful of others. Unless you are active military or a LEO, please don't wear Camo, Plate Carriers, Helmets or anything that might indicate some sort of "Militia" . Also, we shouldn't have to say this HOWEVER, please don't dress like a character from the Matrix.


12.) Guest Policy and Procedure

You are allowed to bring one guest per visit and not to exceed 2 visits in a 30 day window and not to exceed 6 visits per 12 month period.   Each visit, your guest will have to complete the liability waiver and a copy of their government issued photo ID for each visit prior to entrance at the range.  Once you complete the form, "You" ( as the member) must send that and the photo id to:

[email protected]

Liability Waiver

You will need to submit the "Request" 24 hours prior to your visit.  On the 3 days a month we host sanctioned competitions, guests will not be allowed unless they are exclusive to the rifle bay.

Remember, you are responsible for your guest and compliance within the rules.  Our insurance company requires this information in order to remain in effect and we don't want someone taking advantage of another members benefits.

13.) Bringing your own Trainer

This is strictly prohibited without prior approval from range officials. Violators will be terminated from the premise without refund.  If you want your own trainer please contact us 239-201-2600 and be prepared for your trainer to provide COI with named party of Deep 50 Gun Range, LLC as the benefit.

14.) Member Identification

You must have your member card with you at all times.   You will actually need it to enter the facility but please have it with you at all times. Guest passes must be with your guest at all times.

15.) Prohibited Firearms And Ammunition

This is a list ( which may change from time to time, you will be notified) of prohibited firearms.

1.) Fully automatic firearms

2.) 50 Caliber Rifles

4.) Any NFA "Class 3 firearm or Suppressors" that has NOT been verified by Deep 50 staff.   (This is a mandatory requirement for Operation at the range)

5.) ANY illegal firearm whatsoever.

6.) Green Tip or armor Piercing Ammunition.

16.) Prohibited Actions

1.) No Transitioning between 2 loaded firearms at anytime.

2.) No Shooting from under the Shade Shelters.

3.) Slugs and Buck shot are prohibited Items.

4.) Bringing a guest without proper paperwork PRIOR to your visit.

5.) Bringing someone's minor child without a transfer of guardianship papers AND our paperwork completed PRIOR to your visit.

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Another great resource for further educating yourself on general gun safety rules can be found on the NRA SITE

Off Trigger

ALWAYS Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Until Ready To Shoot

When holding a gun, rest your finger alongside the frame and outside the trigger guard. Until you are actually ready to fire, do not touch the trigger.

Safe Direction

ALWAYS Keep The Gun Pointed In A Safe Direction

This is the primary rule of gun safety. Common sense dictates the safest direction, depending on different circumstances.


ALWAYS Keep The Gun Unloaded Until Ready To Use

If you do not know how to open the action or inspect the chamber(s), leave the gun alone and get help from someone who does.