What is the Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA)?:

The Steel Challenge Shooting Association is the membership organization chartered to grow and extend "speed-steel" shooting competition at the club level. It is the vehicle by which we intend to spread the "gospel" of steel shooting. Our vision is to build the sport into a network of affiliate clubs and individual members much as USPSA is structured. We are already finding non-USPSA clubs that have been shooting steel matches without the benefit of a supporting organization or that are excited to begin doing so.


Why should I join the Steel Challenge Shooting Association

A. Joining SCSA makes you a part of the fastest practical-shooting sport on the planet! By joining the SCSA, you’ll benefit from member-only services such as:

  • We will soon offer a “ranking” system available only to SCSA members which will show scores (times) for individuals compared to steel shooters from all over the world both in aggregate and by stage.
  • Members will receive Front Sight Magazine.
  • Membership will allow access to upper tier matches that require membership of all competitors.

I’m currently a member of USPSA. Do I need to join SCSA? :

Similar to the club policy, in grateful appreciation of their support for USPSA, all members in good standing on 12/31/07 will be given a complimentary membership for 2008. The procedure for applying is to download the new member application here and mail or fax the completed form to us register online using our secure server. Be sure to include your USPSA member number for faster processing.

Upcoming Events

10:00 am SCSA Steel Challenge July 21st
SCSA Steel Challenge July 21st
Jul 21 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
SCSA Steel Challenge July 21st @ Deep 50 Gun Range
SCSA Steel Challenge Sanctioned Approved Competition at Deep 50 Gun Range We are sanctioned and approved to host all USPSA and Steel Challenge matches at our range. With each shooting discipline, the stages are set to each event and we follow the rulebook that is most current.  For more information on the specific rules, please...