Private Member Only Outdoor Gun Range In Naples, FL

(not open to the public)

We are located just 35 Minutes from Bonita Springs and 30 minutes from Naples.

Practice at your own pace in your own bay!

Hosting Shooting competition in USPSA, Steel Challenge, and IDPA.

(You do not need to be  member of our range to compete in these sports.)

To Inquire about memberships,  please complete the application and then we will schedule your walk through day.

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Competition Shooting

Have you ever wanted to compete in a formal sanctioned match Like USPSA, SCSA or IDPA?

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Carry Permits and Training

We offer courses and certifications all from one location. Additionally, if you are looking to properly learn about firearms or want to advance your shooting skills, we have the courses designed just for you. Group or personal instruction available.

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Deep 50 Gun RangeThe Deep 50 Gun Range Difference

We realize that shooting at an indoor range is not for everyone.  This range was built for those who want more out of their experience and proficiency.  By being a member at the Deep 50 Gun Range, you can :


1.) Draw from your holster

2.) Engage multiple targets

3.) Engage steel targets

4.)  Engage moving targets

5.) Move around the shooting bay and engage multiple targets

6.) Active reloading

7.) Engage a target from whatever distance you choose.

8.) Converse with "like minded" people of all skill levels . Enjoy just sitting around and conversing with people just like you.

9.) There are no time limits and you can come as frequently as you want.

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